Our Philosophy

Each Gama bag is hand-crafted in Brooklyn to be durable, yet elegant, beautiful, yet functional. Simplicity is at the core of our design philosophy and we strive to let the quality of our materials and our process shine.

Natural Leather

The bodies of our bags are made from top-grain Italian leather, and their straps are typically cut from hardier full-grain harness leather produced in Pennsylvania. Our suppliers use traditional, eco-friendly vegetable dye and tan their leather in small batches.

There is beauty in the imperfection of natural leather - small blemishes such as stitch marks, nicks, or other artifacts of the manufacturing process are not reworked. They emphasize the natural qualities of the leather and the hand-made nature of the product.


It's not only for tradition's sake that our bags are entirely handmade.

Due to the uneven thickness of tanned hides, cutting by hand allows us to choose the proper section of leather for each part of the bag. Handles and straps can be cut from the hide's thicker backside, for example, while thinner, smoothly textured sections can be saved for the front face of the bag's body.

Though time consuming, stitching by hand is more reliable than machine-sewing. Traditional saddle stitching creates a locking stitch at each step, meaning that if one stitch breaks, other sections are less likely to be affected.